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From day one, our mission has been to help other people run far.

Through providing expert advice and resources for runners, we’ve guided and inspired hundreds of thousands of runners, and have grown an engaged and passionate community of runners of all abilities.

Our community is built of lovers of running, health and fitness, nutrition, and self-improvement – and we take their trust seriously.

We ensure every engagement with our audience – be it through reading a blog post or receiving an email from us – is meaningful, adds value, and is relevant to the Marathon Handbook ethos.

We help people achieve their running goals, discover new experiences, and inform them about gear, events, nutrition, and hospitality & travel businesses that are relevant.

At Marathon Handbook we provide relevant, authoritative, timeless, and inspirational content to our community as an alternative to the ‘noise’ of mass-market media.

Meet Our Community

  • Motivated and engaged runners, mainly pursuing distance running goals (from half marathons to ultras),
  • An engaged audience of over >60k email subscribers for our weekly Monday Morning Mailer,
  • Average of 20k pageviews per day to our blog,

Who Are Our Audience?

The Marathon Handbook audience is diverse in demographics and united by an interest in running far.

The Marathon Handbook audience is diverse in demographics and united by an interest in running far.

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Primarily U.S.-based (51%), but with readers across the globe.

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51% Women,
49% Men

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Age Range:
34%: 25 – 34
21%: 35 – 44
17%: 45 – 54
13%: 18 – 24
10%: 55 – 64
5%: 65 +

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Interested in health, fitness, wellness, and fashion; in new products that can help them achieve their fitness goals, and are willing to spend money on their wellness journey*.

*source: Marathon Handbook audience survey / Google Analytics, March 2022.

What Can We Offer?

Marathon Handbook can help bring your product, service, or event to our audience.

How can we do this?

  • Dedicated blog posts, including in-depth product reviews (including photos and road testing).
  • Mentions and comments in our weekly Monday Morning Mailer (reach: >60k).
  • Targeted advertising.
  • Sponsored Instagram posts and stories, Pinterest pins.

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